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The Return of V.O. North

We last spoke to Dervla Trainor back in 2019. She and Tanya Buchanan had just completed their second V.O. North conference, and it was getting to that point where the event was creating FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for people in the Voice over community. Sadly, the pandemic caused a disruption to that momentum with 2020 being cancelled, and 2021 shifted online. However, the event is back and better than ever September 16-18 at the Pantages Hotel in Toronto.

Check out the lineup and show here.

In this episode, Dervla speaks to us about the genesis of the event, how she has steered her way through the voiceover business during the pandemic, and what we can expect in Toronto at Canada's premiere Voiceover event. We also briefly discussed some of the newer problems in the business with the emergence of Artificial intelligence, pricing and keeping control on where your voice goes. There are also the most useful of session involving marketing, search engine optimization and CRM's. The conference is open to beginners and experts alike. While not advertised as such, there is a lot of mentoring that takes places at V.O. North.


We also talked about Bev Standing's unique story which was recently featured on the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz



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