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Lowering DREXpectations

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

It's been a long year. Humanity has spent nine months in a pandemic and six of them without Drex on the radio. He left his position at Corus last June where he did a late night talk show across the country. He is now the morning host at Jack 96.9 in Vancouver along with Lena Schulman and No Fun Bob. In this episode, we spend 45 minutes on a livestream on our Youtube page. (Please subscribe) Drex talks about the challenges of the pandemic, including keeping his mental health on the level and going through a break up while pivoting from evening to morning radio, and AM talk to FM music. Drex is one of the good ones in radio and it is great to have him back on the radio. The show goes 5-9am Pacific and to listen, just ask Alexa to play "Jack 96.9 Vancouver" - worked for me this morning.


Drex and I also spoke about some of his times doing talk radio, including the moment he kept a Winnipeg woman who was clearly in distress, on the air long enough to for her to get the help she needed. We loved taking questions from both the Sound Off Podcast audience and Drex Live audience on Facebook. Although I will be the first to admit that 99 percent of the questions came from Drex's facebook page. Like our pages by the way if you can. We will feel better about ourselves.



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