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Erica Ehm: Reinvention Of A VJ

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

It's safe to say that Growing up Much is something millennials and Gen Xers have in common. Erica Ehm was one of the first batch of VJs to grace Canadian airwaves back when MuchMusic launched in 1984. Her broadcast journey actually began in Montreal in the late 70's when she entered her College into a contest on CHOM-FM to have Max Webster play in the Marianapolis Cafeteria. While her school did not win the contest, Erica did score a job in the CHOM-FM music library, and work and Broadway Live as a DJ where Suggs from Madness crashed on her family's sofa, she saw the GoGo's perform, and Bono told her to go into P.R.

In this episode, we talk to Erica Ehm about her journey to MuchMusic, through MuchMusic, and all the creative projects that came after including television, stage productions and songwriting.

Check out the madness that ensued when Erica sat down with Duran Duran.


And guess what is next? Podcast!

Erica's brand new podcast is Erica Ehm's Reinvention of the VJ, where she reconnects with MuchMusic alumni to explore the challenges of reinvention with entertaining anecdotes and useful insights to inspire you to face the next chapter of your life.

The Sound Off Media Company is excited to be working with Erica on this venture and there are many episodes in the works.



Also the name Wendy Lands popped up in the show. She is one of Erica's best friends and I had the opportunity to reconnect with Wendy myself at the recent V.O. North Conference. You might remember Wendy from MuchMusic when this video played. But did you know that she is now doing voiceover work?


Did you know Erica has won multiple Junos and Canadian Country Music Awards? Exactly!

That's why you need to hear how Erica evolved.

Juno Country Female Vocalist, Cassandra Vasik (THEM Records)

Juno Country Female Vocalist, Cassandra Vasik (THEM Records)

SOCAN Best Country Song: Fortune Smiled on Me

SOCAN Best Country Song: It Comes Back To You

SOCAN Best Country Song: Diamonds

Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA): Album Graphics (THEM Records)

Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA) Vocal Collab (THEM Records)


Finally, the Go Go's and Madness got a few mentions from Erica. I saw this wonderful documentary which tells a number of stories from that era and also features an appearance from Suggs who crashed on Erica's couch back in the 80's.


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