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Getting Messy with Jesse and Jenna

When we had Jenna on our podcast 18 months ago, she was in the throes on getting ousted from a gig she loved on a station where they were working hard and building a following. It's a tall order to compete in a market like Ottawa where their direct competition is #1 and have been for 15 years. Since then, Jesse and Jenna launched a podcast and with the help of Blast The Radio, they have found the podcast strut after 200 episodes. Like any podcaster who is in it for the long haul, they had to make decisions of what worked and what didn't work. What didn't work was doing a radio show on podcast. Instead they looked as each episode as a long form break. And then the numbers took off.

In this episode, I catch up with Jesse and Jenna and tremendous news everyone... they are still willing to work in radio. They come equipped podcast ready, social media savvy and ready to rock quarter hours again. They are making content and much of it can be repurposed for radio. It's not all sex ya know.

This is our first episode where we streamed the show and then took the audio to podcast. You can click above for the podcast stream and below to watch it all on Youtube. I'd love your feedback about this as there is a push amongst podcasters to be everywhere - and YouTube doesn't make the my cash register ring the way a podcast download does. But if you could do me a HUGE favour and Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube - that would be helpful.



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