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Kipper McGee: Brandwidth on Demand

It's no wonder that Kipper McGee wound up in radio have grown up in between two great radio markets in Milwaukee and Chicago. He's a broadcast consultant, author and host of the Brandwidth on Demand podcast alongside David Martin. The show has been in production for as long as this show has, and it has an A list of broadcasters appearing for what turns out to be, "not your average quarter hour".

In this episode, Kipper and I spoke about his years in places I have never been to. Des Moines, San Diego, and Orlando which I just recently went to for the first time. Asking innocuous questions about those places gave me some insight into the radio that was made. You won't be able to see Kipper in his usual places this summer because like the rest of us - he's at home. But you can connect with the podcast on Google and Apple.


I was a guest on the podcast back in August of 2018.... (Where does the time go?)


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