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Maie Pauts: Low Maintenance Maie

Last June, I got to watch Maie Pauts receive the Rosalie Tromblay Trailblazer Award. There was a 10 minute video summary of her career along with the tributes and highlights. This is a longer version of that.

In this episode, you'll hear how Maie got her start in radio at the campus station at Ryerson University in Toronto. She originally wanted to work in TV production but fell in love with radio after joining the campus station. She hosted a funk/R&B show at the campus station before getting her first radio job at an AM station in Brampton. She later joined the legendary CFNY station in Toronto where she worked from 1986-2001. In the 90s, CFNY went through an ownership change and started playing more commercial hits, which upset some core listeners. But it also led to increased ratings. After leaving CFNY, Maie did a short stint in talk radio before joining CHUM FM's in 2002. She later moved to Boom 97.3 in 2010, playing hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

What's the key to Boom's success? Talking about current events while playing older music. This allows the brand and personalities to connect with listeners of all ages.


Finally, Maie received the Rosalie Trombley Trailblazer Award from Radio Trailblazers Canada for her contributions to radio over a 40+ year career. If you would like to nominate someone for that award this year, please nominate them now.

Here is the video that ran before Maie's acceptance of the award.


Transcription is coming.


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