• Matt Cundill

The First Ever Sound Off Convention

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

An amazing collection of speakers came out for the Sound Off Convention and the W Downtown Hilton Hyatt Marriot. Guest speakers and convention goers spent many late night hours at the Lobby Bar and reconvened for a continental breakfast with luke warm coffee. Many convention goers chose to seek out the local Starbucks across the street.

We would like to thank everyone for coming out and enjoy the pictures from the event! Highlights included:

* Matt Cundill, Sound Off Podcast Host.

* Jason Barrett, Barrett Sports Media discussing Sports talent.

* Perry Michael Simon, All on Radio innovation.

* Marty Forbes, Radiowise & Alan Cross, Major League Mixes, on digital / radio.

* Seth Resler, Jacobs Media.

* Humble & Fred,

If you would like to register for next years conference, as a speaker or attendee, contact Matt.

Finally, a word of thanks to Toronto Mike'd for allowing me to use the clip of Howard in the podcast. It was extracted from his 200th podcast this week, which features and excellent chat with Humble & Fred. Subscribe to his podcast here on iTunes.

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