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Matty Staudt From Broadcast to Podcast

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Matty Staudt is someone I have been trying to get on the podcast for about a year. His busy work schedule at iHeart made scheduling difficult. However, a change in direction for Matty created the necessary time to have him on. Matty is starting a new venture called Jam Street Media. He had straddled both podcast and broadcast successfully for over a decade. From working as a producer for G. Gordon Liddy, to working at Stitcher, Matty has a good sense where the intersection of podcast and broadcast is located. 

In this episode, you'll hear all about Matty's podcast philosophies - which come with great tips on how to make your podcast better, or if you should be doing one at all. Matty was also the subject of's Ten Questions.



By the way - Matty also appeared on the ASK WIN podcast, which I also appeared on last year. You can check that out here, and give Win's podcast a listen. I am a big fan of Win and the work she does in the podcast space.


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