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Randi Chase: Keeping it Real

Updated: Jan 25

Randi Chase is back for another round on the show. The last time we had her on in 2018, we talked about her adventures up and down the radio dial in 7 Canadian markets- she was certainly living a "WKRP in Cincinnati" lifestyle.

She's remained at the same station since 2018, but a few changes have taken place. Firstly, she moved to Red Deer, and her morning show with Vinny Taylor is now simulcast across stations in the Stingray radio group. And yes, you can still find her doing mornings at Real Country 95.5. You can even listen in live on their website if you're not an Alberta native!

In this episode, Randi and I talk about how Alberta has changed since the first time we both moved there. We also explore the project she was working on with Sarah Edmondson, which is a name you might remember from the collection of stories about the NXIVM sex cult stories that came out of Albany, NY. If you want to hear more about that, check out Sarah's podcast, A Little Bit Culty. You can hear some of their latest episode below:

If you want to keep up with Randi, you can find her on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.




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