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Rob Greenlee: No Podcast Predictions, Just A Look Forward

Rob Greenlee returns to the show. He last appeared back in 2017, just after we did a panel on podcasting at the Conclave in Minneapolis. Rob is someone I hear from every week as he co-hosts the New Media Show with Todd Cochrane. So even though he has not appeared on this show, I feel as though I hear from him every week.

Rob has a new position as SVP of Content and Partnerships. He had been with Libsyn the last three years and with Voxnest and Spreaker before that. The Podcasting Hall of Famer joins me to talk about many of the challenges podcasters are contemplating these days, including getting heads around a video strategy for their podcasts and Podcasting 2.0 which Rob and I tackle in the second half of the show. We also had an interesting discussion about the role podcasting can play when it comes to Live and Local. Can Podcasting take that from radio?

If you can't get enough of what we are talking about on the show - you can get a weekly delivery of this on the New Media Show where you can get a PhD in Podcasting.

If you wanted to check out those podcasting tip sheets from YouTube, you can download them here.




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