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Sam East: Creation, Mindfulness and Lessons Learned

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Sam East is the afternoon host on 99.9 Virgin Radio, and host of weeknights on Virgin Radio across Canada. That means you can hear her on selected stations in places like Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Sam has also recently launched the podcast Lessons to My Younger Self, where she chats with notables like Jully Black, The Social’s Jess Allen, sexologist Dr. Jess O’Reilly, and more.

In this episode you will hear how she got her radio start in Chatham, Ontario, moved to Kitchener and then landed in Toronto at Virgin radio. We also talked about growing up as a Filipino-Canadian, the value of mindfulness, and how how she readies her day for radio.

One of my favourite parts of this episode was when Sam was given some honest feedback about her performance and she made a positive change to her career. There are not nearly enough people who offer constructive feedback in the broadcast business. It's actually impossible to get to the top without it. So seek it.


I also had to ask about her encounter with Oprah. A few years ago shoe got to interview her and here is how it went. :


Lessons To My Younger Self:

Sam East talks to great storytellers, artists, hosts, thought-leaders, and experts as they reflect on the BIG lessons they’ve learned in life, and what they wish their younger self understood. Every week a different guest unpacks a new life lesson that’ll inspire you to reflect, and tap into your own introspection.


Sam and I also talked a little bit about the Philippine phenomenon of Jollibee!

I also mentioned in the show how much I loved her Tik Toks. Here is one of her most popular which got the attention of some news organizations around the world.


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