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Marie: The Radio Fam

Updated: Mar 2

If you've ever wondered what our show might look like if it was built by a millennial, look no further than The Radio Fam. It's a YouTube-first podcast that's not unlike this one, and today's guest is its owner and creator, Marie.

The Radio Fam's mission statement is to break the mold of mainstream radio stations' crappy social media integration. All the way back in 2009, Marie was aware that most stations weren't doing enough to build their brands through the internet, which was where the idea for The Radio Fam began. It didn't come to fruition until 2017, but thankfully for Marie (and unfortunately for the rest of the industry), most radio stations were still just as behind then as they were 8 years before.

Nowadays, it's a place for people to connect with one another, and in their own words from, it's "a resource for those that are looking to the future of radio," which is no doubt something more people in the radio business need to do.

In this episode, Marie tells us about her lifelong passion for radio, from growing up listening to the stations in and around Seattle, to volunteering for their street teams in her free time, and eventually landing proper paid roles in marketing and promotions. She also talks to us about her eventual shift to podcasting, and goes deeper on what inspired her to start The Radio Fam.

If you like what you hear from Marie in this episode, you should definitely check out The Radio Fam on YouTube, as well as dropping them a follow on all the usual social media, which can be found at the bottom of their website.


Marie also made mention of an episode she had coming out featuring a Millennial who is now in management. That episode with Dan Hardee is out and there are some great tips on managing millennials in here.




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