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Todd Cochrane: Podcasting Questions Answered

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Todd Cochrane can speak to it because he was there in the early days. In 2004, he jumped into podcasting; long before Apple became involved. As time went on he began to find ways to make money at it, including an early sponsorship deal with GoDaddy, and creating the podcast hosting company that we know as Blubrry.

We try to address two very large questions in this episode: Where is podcasting headed, and what will radio's role in it be? We tackle a number of the podcast news stories, asking if the RSS Feed is in jeopardy, what radio can do to best invest in podcast, and is iHeart really number one in podcasting? (Depends how you want to count) We also ask to explain the importance of IAB Certification and if Soundcloud is a legitimate podcast host. (Again, it depends how you want to count)

Todd is the host of the New Media Show with Rob Greenlee (who appeared on our podcast back in August of 2017), it airs live roughly every Saturday at Noon Eastern - but feel free to catch the podcast version or the video version on your own time.

If you are looking for a podcast host with IAB certified metrics and web integration (and Todd explains why that's important in this episode) contact him here.


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