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Valerie Geller: Never Lose A Listener

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Valerie Geller has inspired many to be better broadcasters through her work. Many of those lessons can be found in her 2011 book, Beyond Powerful Radio, the follow up to the 1996 work, Creating Powerful Radio. I would consider this podcast to be incomplete without an episode from Valerie. She is one of the most referenced persons in this series; not only from broadcasters, but now podcasters.

In this episode, we discuss how her work has become more than about radio, and extends to anyone who is in a performance based industry. I asked her about one of the biggest mistakes podcasters make, how to make them better and what all personalities need to do to be successful long term. I also took a moment to ask about the changes in her life. Valerie is on the road for long periods of time, and that has obviously come to a temporary halt over the last year. We also spoke about the idea of "Never Lose A Listener" which, when you think about it, is a vital concept to podcasters who need to hold listeners from minute zero.


You can purchase her acclaimed books on radio here:


Watch Valerie's talk on Next Radio on how to me a more powerful communicator. There's great stuff in here, and everyone can take something away from it, whether you're in radio or not.


Matt adds:

I remember hearing from Marty Forbes about Hivio in 2016 and thought: "I am totally going to that next year." This was something Mark Ramsey put together and I thought he would do it forever but alas no - Mark dove into podcasting and created Inside Psycho, Inside Star Wars and many others.

All that said, I really loved Valerie's appearance at Hivio in 2016 and thank you Mark for streaming this to our homes all those years ago:


cundill geller conclave
Valerie and Matt at the Conclave in Minneapolis in 2018.


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