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NHL Trade Deadline Makes TV Interesting

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Matt Cundill TSN

The NHL's Trade deadline is Mardi Gras for two types of people: The hardcore NHL fan and those who love uncomfortable broadcast moments. While today was an all time low on the trade front and lower on the broadcast front.

It started the 2 nights before with NHL Dustin Penner removed himself from the TSN team for a collection of bad tweets on Saturday night.

There was an odd moment less than 2 hours into the show where Aaron Ward got up and walked off the set after growing tired of the Edmonton Oilers discussion.

There were some excellent moments including a comedic rehash of the two llamas who escaped in Sun City, Arizona last week. TSN brought two llamas on set.

NHL rights holder Sportsnet had a similar show called Trade Deadline which doesn't have the heritage of TSN's TradeCentre, but found a way to fill time by talking about their direct competition.

Matt Cundill Offside

The best moment is always the spontaneous one. TSN's James Duthie got to tell Chris Stewart of the Buffalo Sabres where he would be playing next.

The worst moment came from a gaff on the TSN TradeCentre Twitter feed. We're not sure how these things get to air but proofreading was clearly absent. The gaff left TSN scrambling to issue the necessary apologies. While the trades did not find their way into the New York media, the twitter gaff did.

The cutest moment, although not broadcast related, was Justin Leopold's daughter penning a letter to the Minnesota Wild asking them to bring daddy home.


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