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Andrew Wilcox on Fleeing the Fort McMurray Fires.

Updated: Mar 4, 2021


Andrew Wilcox is the program director at Cruz 100.5 in Fort McMurray. He tells the story of what it is was like to run the station while the mandatory evacuation order was being ordered. Andrew was a rockstar while the staff relocated to their Edmonton headquarters. Here is with Harvard Edmonton General Manager Tamara Konrad.

Cundill Satellite

Cundill Fort Mac

UPDATE! Andrew is back in Fort McMurray and on the air as radio is truly an essential service. A story that ran nationally states Andrew is on the air, but not back in his home as the story's running on June 8. As you can see from the satellite image, Andrew's home was not destroyed but sustained damage during the fires.


Remedial Media: Cindy Day from CTV Atlantic Canada seems unaware of what was going on in Fort McMurray. The typical result for any broadcaster that does not adequately prepare for going on the air; let alone paying attention to the broadcast of which you are part. You can see the disaster in the video to the right.

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