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Unlimited Milkman with Milkman Unlimited

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Since the mid-'90s, John Mielke has been the guy behind the digital home for radio in Canada. The Milkman Unlimited website has undergone many phases in the last two decades. For instance, we used to be greeted with this.

Milkman Unlimited Cundill

And many of us used to share our prep here.

Milkprep Cundill
BTR Cundill

​ This week on the podcast, we will be speaking with Milky about his radio and digital journey; including his exciting foray into online streaming with his brand new venture, Blast The Radio. While there are now many places to get your radio news on the web, Milkman Unlimited is still foremost in job postings.

At times, our conversation is honest and personal about radio and life, but that's what podcasting is all about and I hope Milky's initiatives inspire you to do the things you have only thought about doing.

We continue with our new feature, "Yup, There's a Podcast for That!"

This week we have John Largent telling us all about Tailgate Radio. And yes, this is exactly what it means. And there's a podcast for that. You can subscribe to it on iTunes here.


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