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Broadcast Dialogue about Broadcast Dialogue

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Shawn Smith is the founder of Momentum Marketing in Vancouver. He is also the new publisher at Broadcast Dialogue, the venerable magazine that has been run masterfully by Howard and Ingrid Christensen. The Sound Off Podcast spoke with Shawn about plans for the future of Broadcast Dialogue and tells us about his broadcast past which started in the late '80s at C100 in Halifax.

There's also a quick dose of Remedial Media where I discuss the Tragically Hip show, and how we have fewer - but better - shared experiences in our lives. This is being written on the Thursday after the Saturday show, and Canadians are still talking about it. Not surprising considering one-third of the country saw the show one way or another.

Also, one of the favourites on the radio, Broadway Bill Lee, and how he uses social media by showing the thing he does best.

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