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Making the Trip Back to Fort Mac

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Our very first podcast episode featured Andrew Wilcox and what it was like to leave a radio station behind. We catch up with Andrew and get a status update on life in Fort McMurray and at 100.5 Cruz FM. What really surprises me is how Andrew describes the calamity with poise.


I also called up my long time friend Yukon Jack at the Bear in Edmonton to share his story of bringing a recently emigrated Nigerian family who fled the Fort Mac flames last May. Many people associate Yukon with the picture seen here, and his daily feature, "Yukon's Big Yap!". However, there are charitable things he does that he doesn't always share with his audience.


The Podcast this week is brought to you by Santa Clara and the new single "Be That Way." - Bring it to Your Music Meeting.


Other things we touched on include:

The 25th Anniversary of Pearl Jam's Ten CD is the first of many Quarter Century celebrations for grunge recordings. I take a look back to that era when Grunge had to find its way onto traditional Album Oriented Rock playlists, and share CHOM-FM's struggle with grunge.

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There's a Podcast for that!

The One Sheet Podcast: Dearbhla Trainor's podcast is a one-on-one conversation with successful leaders who are behind the glitz, the glam and the fame of the music industry, breaking down their particular role, giving insights, stories and advice. If you would like to have your podcast featured, please download the script here.


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