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NFL is Back! The Sports Radio PD Gets Us Ready

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

This podcast happened to come out on the one year anniversary of Jason Barrett's foray into the world of entrepreneurship. He will be the first to tell you he is not a radio consultant; it's so much more than that now in the digital revolution:

From the website:

Barrett Sports Media is a full service sports programming and marketing company designed to help sports radio and television companies, professional sports teams, and sports agencies, enjoy long-term success in the audio, digital and social media space! Our relationships, strategies, and knowledge help our clients maximize their brand’s ratings, revenue, and digital and social media growth and engagement.

I can certainly concur with Jason's sentiment about the consultant label. With program directors being asked to do so much, his role is more of a extension of the programming department.

Jason gives us insight into Sports as it pertains to radio, TV and digital. Think of it as a format check up. If you love sports radio, you will enjoy his perspective and I encourage you to follow him on twitter. He really is the Adam Schefter of Sports Radio.

scruff connors cundill

Also in this episode, (and still staying with football) the passing of former Winnipeg Blue Bombers marketing director Jerry Maslowsky reminded me of a 1995 radio stunt that he was apart of as promotions director at a Winnipeg station. I'll let you listen to the bit play out, but understand that the station gave away trips to Miami to see the Super Bowl.


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