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The Undervalued Joy of Tailgating

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I remember my first tailgating experience. It was a cold and frosty day in January of 1992. In fact, leave it to the NFL to keep a living record of the game.

My friends and I drove 23 hours from Nova Scotia to Orchard Park, NY. File that under "decisions that shouldn't be made on a Thursday night at the Swinging Axe Lounge." What I saw in Buffalo was off the charts nutty and I can confirm after going back 7 times - nothing has changed.

pinto bob cundill

So when I heard there was a podcast dedicated to the wonderful world of tailgating - life finally made sense. Podcasting and broadcasting are in the throes of intersecting. Podcasting is thriving because what attracts listeners is curiosity and interest. The ultimate lesson for the broadcaster is that if you are interested, you will more than likely make it interesting.

John Largent is passionate about tailgating. For two years, he has done a weekly podcast called Tailgate Radio. Now I am no sports radio consultant (we had him on the previous episode) but I have to figure that there is a sports station in America that could use a half hour show on tailgating to fill the vast programming grid around Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd and Jim Rome. At some point, radio will learn to find its talent pool alive and well on iTunes.

It's off with my Green Bay Packer loving lover to the opening of the new stadium in Minneapolis. Along the way we will catch an episode or two of John Largent's Tailgate Radio.

tailgate radio cundill

Also on the podcast this week - Jeff Woods is back with a new radio show. If you are interested in having great classic rock stories on your airwaves, please contact him through his website.

Finally, International Podcast Day is coming up on September 30th, and it's already shaping up to be more vocal than International Radio Day on February 13th. Podcasters will certainly fill your social media with #podcastday.


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