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Getting Radiowise With Marty Forbes

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Marty Forbes was the General Manager of Standard Radio in Edmonton for many years. His father was the legendary Jerry Forbes at 630 CHED, who started many great charities including Santa Anonymous. Since leaving Standard Radio, Marty started a company called Radiowise that consults radio properties with an emphasis on digital inclusion. This is another podcast where you should feel free to take notes.

Also - we reference Seth Resler’s latest column in, Shika Rebecca with sage advice for maintaining a web presence, and #ThingsToBlameOnCundill and the demise of SHOMI.

Finally, I referenced Marty's column during the podcast about the importance of General Managers. In August of 2015, I posted a tweet referencing empty desks in radio stations. Marty read that and wrote a blog explaining how bad "Radio managed by Remote Control" was going to get. If you do not have a General Manager in your building, read his blog from a year ago and find out what you are missing.


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