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Fearless Fred from 102.1 The Edge - Unedited

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Fearless Fred is the morning show host at 102.1 the Edge in Toronto. During Fred's cross Canada radio career, we counted 6 cities and 2 firings on his journey to Toronto. Along the way, he worked with an A-List of Canadian radio people. He listened, learned, and took notes along the way - all while remaining blistfully unaware.

As I listened to Fred recount his radio adventures across Canada, I discovered that two of the greatest things going for Fred were his ability to remain unaware of certain things, while having the ability to listen and react accordingly when someone is giving you advice.

That's why he is - where is he is today.


From Jeff Woods:

I’ve got a new radio series I’m shopping to radio stations around the world and I’m thinking it’s a program you might love. It’s a weekly show with daily spinoffs – storytelling about music mostly.

From the pillars of rock - to the legends that followed, Records & Rockstars takes you inside, delves into the stories behind the music and the people that make it; an opportunity for you to satisfy your appetite for knowing what happened to whom, when, and how. There’ll be occasional conversations with the bands too, and tributes to legends lost, and themes like Under the Influence, Strange Stories, The Beginners Guide.

The possibilities are endless, and the music is the best, particularly if you regard guitars, bass and drums as the backbone of it all, and a great song and the story behind it as great radio listening.


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