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The Audience Insights of Jeff Vidler

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Vidler Cundill

Jeff Vidler has been involved in research for a long time. After the podcast had been recorded, I remembered a time when, as program director of CJFM in Montreal, he would use his research to entice clients as much as listeners. As the years went on, I worked with Jeff on music testing, perceptuals, and format finders. All my experiences have been positive as research generally shone a light, showed direction, and moved our stations to where they needed to go.

As the industry has changed, Jeff's research now includes the more complex listening habits and rituals that exist across all platforms. Last March, his company Audience Insights released their "Radio on the Move" study about in-car listening. Jeff and I spoke in detail about that, and gave us a sneak peak into forthcoming research. Jeff has shared a slide (it's at the bottom of the blog) from his research that shows in car listening to radio has remained stable, while other platforms have fluctuated to a degree.


Nlogic matt cundill

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Peter Anthony Holder is the host of the Stuph File. His show is as much a syndicated show as much as its a podcast. The show airs from St. Johnsbury, Vermont to New Zealand and Singapore. If you are interested in bringing the show onto your radio station, please e-mail Peter.



Finally, In my final question to Jeff, I asked: What is Radio's opportunity? Jeff said the opportunity lies in mobile. Which means that radio needs to rethink the way it presents itself. Six minute stopsets won't work for someone who is listening on headphones.

So I asked Sean Pollack at Millennial Lab if they saw an uptick in their listening when they shifted to the #2MinutePromise on 107.7 The End in Seattle in 2014. We will be bringing Sean onto the podcast in the future to talk about Millennials and radio - e-mail your questions to me in advance. His reply:

"We’ve certainly seen mobile listening increase – both through the app and through web streaming – as the adoption of smartphones has proliferated and as we’ve made upgrades to our overall digital presence/UX/UI.

"I wouldn’t say that it’s a direct attribute to the introduction of the 2 Minute Promise – but it is related. Overall, we’ve seen a doubling (or more) of our average audience size and time spent listening since the introduction of the 2 Minute Promise; and as our listening audience grows and sticks with us for a longer period of time during their listening sessions; their more likely to want to take us with them when they leave the car or leave home. Additionally, we’re investing more of our resources in promoting the digital listening options – so that contributes to it as well."

- Sean Pollack (


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