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The Bi-annual Barrett Sports Media Episode

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Jason Barrett launched his sports media company just over a year ago. The Company is designed for sports properties to steer their way through the digital revolution we are all facing. While music has been dealing with the revolution

since 2000, sports is inching closer to the breaking point. Cord cutting is changing the amount of money properties like ESPN and Fox Sports are receiving, while the price for the rights to broadcast sports is rising.

We also spoke about the myth behind the declining NFL ratings, what happens when your team leaves town, and where the NHL stacks up on the broadcast landscape in the U.S. Jason also just launch a brand new podcast and just completed his latest instalment of the Barrett Sports Media Awards. His reasons for doing it are the kind of thing that does what radio doesn't spend enough time doing - recognizing our best talent.

If you are in sports radio or have a sports podcast - he is well worth the follow, and his blogs always make for great reading. His newly launched podcast can be found on a number of platforms including:


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