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Chuck McCoy's 7 Decade Audio Journey

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Few have touched all the bases like Chuck McCoy. Successful performer, programmer, executive, and consultant. He worked in radio companies when they were firing on all cylinders. Moffat, CHUM, Rogers... When I ask people about Chuck, they light up and tell me about the contributions he made to their careers; radio people gushing with gratitude.

In this episode, Chuck eloquently points out what hasn't changed about the formula to making great radio. I also asked him about alleged technological advances that threatened radio over years and was met with a surprising answer. The telephone. (Not the mobile version) He points out that radio has actually bettered its position with every technological advancement so far. It leaves me thinking: Are radio's current woes self-inflicted?

I met Chuck for the first time last August at the Podcast Movement in Chicago; recognizing its inevitable intersection with traditional radio.

Chuck will be in Toronto April 19th along with his brother Jeff Vidler to honour his late brother Gary Russell who will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously.


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April Fools Flashback! Probably the best April Fools Joke ever played out on radio. This from our episode with Steve Kowch. (Total listening time - 3 minutes and change)


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