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Podcast Movement 2017 Redux

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The Podcast Movement It is my favourite conference of the year and has led to the elimination of a few radio conferences on the Sound Off Media Company tour schedule for the same reasons we hear after most radio conferences.

  • “It’s the same panel discussions every year”.

  • “Nothing seems to really evolve or change”

  • “No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room”

  • “Why isn't there more talent here?”

Combine that with most companies holding their corporate meetings in conjunction with the conference and it doesn’t really feel like the industry is coming together in an era when it needs to come together.


According to Steven Goldstein from Amplify Media, The Podcast Movement had 7 radio attendees in 2014. In 2015, Seth Resler joined Jacobs Media and asked for one final thing after negotiating his compensation: Send me to Podcast Movement. Fred Jacobs said, “If you want to go to Fort Worth Texas in July, be my guest.”

Now I had never heard of Podcast Movement before. Around this time, I was travelling with my cousin to go fishing in Quebec and he told me that his assistant was going to Fort Worth, for Podcast Movement. I didn’t believe such a thing existed. Sure enough, it did. Again, there were only a dozen radio people.

I made it a mission to go to Chicago to Podcast Movement 2016. The Jacobs Media Group made a more concerted effort to collaborate with Jared Easley and Dan Franks from Podcast Movement to reach out to radio. Aside from the collection of forward thinking radio strategists like the aforementioned Jacob’s Media and Amplify, there was Jason Barrett, Jeff Vidler, Chuck McCoy, myself, and leaders from Hubbard, Scripps, Cumulus, and iHeart.

(Hey Canada… where were you? I know you only get 9 summer weekends, but Chicago to Toronto is short and you can get yourself to the Muskoka’s by 9pm)

Which takes us to last week at the Anaheim Marriott for Podcast Movement 2017. Thanks to another strong effort by Jacobs Media, they worked with Jared and Dan to create a whole day of sessions designed with the confluence of radio and podcast in mind. These sessions all played to packed rooms, and lived up to “Broadcaster Meet Podcaster” title.

I was on a panel moderated by Erica Farber from the Radio Advertising Bureau, and Mike Carruthers (Stuff You Should Know), Gregr from 107.7 the End in Seattle and host of Nerd Talk Podcast, and Sheri Lynch from the Bob & Sheri Show. The session was called “Radio’s Top Podcaster’s share their secrets.”

(Yes I never stopped considering myself air talent as I did shifts even when I was program director – saving my company tens of dollars with every shift)

A number of great ideas were shared, including one that I will be revisiting with Sheri Lynch in a future episode. It was also great to see more Canadian Content from Corus Entertainment who sent Digital Guru Dunner.

When one bemoans the lack of available radio talent, it tells me they aren’t looking. The hallways and conference rooms of Podcast Movement are filled with the vibrant spirit and energy that was snuffed out by Broadcast Deregulation in 1996 in the U.S. and a similar move by the CRTC two years later. Yes, that energy has a lot to do with building an entrepreneurial story, but isn’t that what your radio station is trying to do? You’re still trying to grow your business, right?

Does your station have room for podcasters and social media influencers over the course of a day or week? It should. During my time at Podcast Movement, I was inspired by the likes of Winnie Sun, and Cathy Heller whose success is affiliated with great energy and attitude.

Then there were two keynote speakers Rabia Chaudry from the Undisclosed Podcast, and Shannon Cason’s Homemade Stories. Both were kind enough to ask about my podcast, and where I was going in life. Both podcasts have downloads in the multi-millions and record their parts in closets and doing whatever it takes to get their message across. The former podcast is working to change someone’s life for the better and free someone, the latter telling heartfelt, funny and true stories.

What did your radio show do today?

Shannon Cason

Shannon couldn’t afford a windsock when he started – he could only afford the sock.

The digital world may have unbundled newspapers, but the only radio disruption is so far is that it affects listener behaviour and time spent listening. Podcast’s largest strength is derived from it’s on demand nature, niche programming, telling compelling stories, and changing people’s lives. Radio can make adjustments to accommodate the first two, but relinquishing the last two is why radio isn’t what it once was.

So tell better stories.

Change people's lives.

If your radio station has questions about podcast, talent or programming strategies, connect with any of radio strategists mentioned in this article. That would include me and I can be reached at 1-204-414-5541.


It can be a confusing world out there.

Audiences are not what they used to be. There is more choice, more fragmentation and pretty much more of everything than ever before. Traditional ways of thinking are being challenged. New platforms and technologies are emerging and merging, and buckets of data are being produced. How do you go beyond the data to something you can actually use? How do you make sense of it all? How do you get out of the weeds to focus on the big picture? Well, NLOGIC, the sponsors of this podcast, can help. They offer strategic insights, customizable modern products, market perspectives and their personal commitment to help you make sense of your Canadian radio and television audiences. Ultimately, they can help you grow your business.

Talk to NLogic today and be better positioned for tomorrow.


We spoke to three people in our latest episode. Click on their photos to access their webpages.

(left) Amber DelaGarza - The Productivity Specialist

(right) Jessica Rhodes - Interview Connections

perry michael simon cundill

(left) Perry Michael Simon - The Evening Bulletin is a new podcast that runs a few minutes and is along the same lines as his talk topics.


Podcast Movement 2018 will be in Philadelphia next year and I have been assured there is a delicious market across the street from the hotel with homemade pretzels, Philly Cheese Steak and more. See you there!


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