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When Broadcaster Matt Met Podcaster Matt

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Z95 sutton

On the heels of the Podcast Movement, I depart from Anaheim and head north to Vancouver when I encountered a 7 hour layover. No worries, I have an audio recorder, and lunch date with Matt Sutton, afternoon host of Vancouver's Z95.3.

We went to Wickelow Pub, where I dropped the Zoom audio recorder onto the table and away we went. Matt is largely unconvinced that a podcast is taking place, but one did come together.

Matt Sutton and I worked together through 2013 and 2014, after I hired him from Brisbane, Australia's Triple M Radio. Matt and I spent a lot of time together honing Matt's ideas into great radio. At times that meant letting him try things, other times saying no.

I spent some time trying to talk to Matt about the values of podcasting and we brainstorm a few ideas.


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