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Podcast Questions and Untold Stories

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

This week, some changes around the studio. I installed a new computer and rebuilt the studio in hopes of increasing the flow of audio out of the company. Without giving away too much, you might say we are making room for baby. (It's actually another podcast... and I thought I should clarify that before someone called my mother to congratulate her on being a grandmother)

This week, I answer a number of podcast related questions including:

  • How long should a podcast be?

  • Can I make Money podcasting?

There is also whole lot of research being released about podcasting. The most recent is always available from Jeff Vidler at Audience Insights.

Other useful resources:

As well this handy infographic from Amplifi Media that was used with research from Edison Research and Triton Media.


I also talk a little about about editing a podcast and why I decided to hold back two stories that didn't air in our original episodes. The story of how Charles Adler almost became Terry Dimonte's co-host at CHOM 97.7 in Montreal in the late 80's is fascinating. Terry would wind up teaming with Ted Bird, but without a doubt, Dimonte and Adler would have been as legendary a combination.

We also reached back with Broadway Bill Lee who recalled a story in the days after WCBS-FM went back in the air after the infamous Jack-FM blunder. Station management were airing New York Giants football games, which caused a decline in ratings. While some music driven stations like WBCN in Boston and KCFX in Kansas City have woven their teams into the fabric of their stations, New York City is just too large and eclectic for a station like WCBS-FM to air the Giants.


Congratulations to Amanda Logan on the launch of her new website. Amanda is the imaging voice on a growing number radio stations. You can reach her through the contact portion of her page.

Need a male voice? Evan Surminski our producer is also available.

I also think I am pretty good. The link is also in the menu bar at the top of the page. Narrations, voice acting, e-learning. In this second golden age of audio - there are more needs for quality voices than ever before.



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