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Happy New Year Extravaganza with Perry Michael Simon

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

There is something refreshing about starting a brand new year with a brand new episode. Radio and podcast should be excited for 2018; not since the advent of iPhones and iPods have so many game-changing radio tech been exchanged over the holiday season. The good news is that the most popular Christmas gift this year was a speaker that plays radio.

Enjoy our very first episode of 2018, where we spend a full episode looking back at the year in N/T Radio and the state of Sports Radio and Podcast. We, of course, also look ahead into 2018, which is certain to be determined by what we can and will do with our smart speakers. Perry is already ahead of the rest of us with his Evening Bulletin Podcast which is masterfully easy to access if you got a smart speaker for Christmas.

Perry Michael Simon is Vice President and Editor/News-Talk-Sports for and the former Program Director and Operations Manager at stations like KLSX and KLYY (Y107)/Los Angeles and WKXW (New Jersey 101.5)/Trenton. He has been either on-air or writing for broadcast for longer than he can remember. He spends most of his time thinking and writing about media, pop culture, humour, and sports. He's the Program Director for Legendary Pictures' Nerdist Industries division, home of the Nerdist Podcast Network. Reach Perry at or on any of his social media handles: facebook, instagram or twitter.

This podcast episode is brought to you by Promosuite.


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