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Drake Donovan's Brain Powers His Voice

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Drake Donovan's path to becoming the voice of great radio stations across North America went from the on air studio, to the production studio, and then to his home studio where he manages Drake Donovan Creative Services. The thing with Drake is that it is not just the voice; it's also the writing, creative concepts and the swag. Yes, the swag. Drake is making the radio Tee great again.

Drake Donovan has been imaging voice for great radio stations across the USA like Y108 in Pittsburgh, Hot 101-7 in Sonoma County, Cleveland's Star 102 and KJ97 in San Antonio. In Canada he's on Q107 Toronto and Rock 101 in Vancouver, and a station we spoke about during last week's episode with Chris Scheetz, the power house 840 CFCW in Central Alberta. This episode is about more than voiceover, it's about imaging. Drake writes, produces, and will work with a station to come up with contest ideas that capture the imagination and energy of listeners; and the best part, his contest ideas have nothing to do with winning tickets by being caller number ten. I reached Drake Donovan at his company's world headquarters in Youngstown Ohio.

If you are headed to CRS or Conclave, be sure to say hello to him and that you heard him on the podcast. This is a great episode to listen to if you are thinking about freelancing your creatives services.

Drake Donovan is an award-winning producer on brand imaging with experience in Hot AC, Country, CHR, Rock, and Alternative formats. He works to craft a message that will paint a picture in the listener's mind using words, music & sound. My goal is to create production that will help strengthen the medium of radio and solidify its future in the mulit-media world..

This episode is brought to you by Lens for Radio and by Promosuite.


As promised during the episode, a sample of some of the creative work Drake is doing, bringing back the Radio Tee!


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