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Sharon Taylor Tells (Almost) All

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Sharon Taylor's radio career has criss-crossed the country from Moose Jaw, to Winnipeg, to London, to Ottawa and Toronto. From her early days riding the bus with hookers and writing obituaries to her first radio course at Fanshawe College, to the ol' days of smoking in the booth; we cover it all in this week's podcast.

Sharon shares her colourful memories of working with Gary Slaight, Chuck McCoy, Kevin Nelson at CKSL, Sandy Davis, and Ingrid Schumacher. She takes us from rumours, to reflections, to radio's role in the #metoo movement. We spent some time talking about her trip through radio, women in the workplace, and some of the great morning personalities she has worked with like Ace Burpee (who we literally gush about for almost sixty seconds).

Her steadfast passion for radio programming and her candour has made her one of my favourite calls to make when I need a second opinion or a helping hand. Even when we worked at competing stations between 2006-2014 in Winnipeg. Between our stations, we had the top 4 morning shows in the city at one point.

Last July, I had a chance to connect with her again and I regretted not having my podcast recorder with me in that moment -- so here we are to rectify and record all the goods!

nlogic cundill

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