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Jax Loves This Town

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Jaclyn Irwin was raised on a steady dose of Kelly, Peter, & Moya on C100 in Halifax. The venerable morning radio show has been #1 or #2 in the market since Marconi sent his first radio message to Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, about 330 kilometers away. Jax got to listen to the show on the school bus - which means the school bus driver is instantly cool. There's a whole lot that happens radio wise on the east coast of Canada that the rest of North America should pay attention towards; including a vibrant music scene, one of the best broadcast schools in Canada, and talent now, and talent then.

And then it became more than just radio. Jax has immersed herself into whatever town she worked in: Halifax, Price George, BC or Toronto. She has mastered taking command of what is in the street whether it was Toronto's Pride Parade over the weekend or the Royal Wedding a few weeks ago. In this episode, Jax tells me about her best social media practices and how to make a great online video that may or may not go viral.


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