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Melz on the MIC: Hyper Local and Super Social

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Melz on the MIC is the Assistant Program Director and midday host (12p-3p) at 103.1 Kiss FM in Killeen, Texas. Melz posted a picture of a newspaper article with the headline, "Local Man Gives Up Career to Pursue Job as a Radio DJ". After doing some listening, it was apparent that Melz had a lot more going on than just a local radio show. It is a multi-platform engagement online and on-air deployment in the community.

There's a whole lot more to the story including a tour in Iraq in 2003. His path to radio is unlike any other and I decided I couldn't wait to have this conversation over cocktails next week at the Conclave Summer Learning Conference. I wanted to get to know him now. In this episode you will find out that you can make a mark being hyper local and hyper social, provided you that you are engaging. It's just not enough to post and hope people like it. And that as a personality, you're always on and you should have something recording.


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