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Inside Dave Beasing

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Dave Beasing is the known for many things including a ten year run as program director at 100.3 the Sound in Los Angeles, (R.I.P.) as a broadcast consultant at Jacobs Media, and most recently as a part of the team that created the highly successful Inside Trader Joe's podcast. His company Sound That Brands has taken a lead role in creating branded content and I wanted to ask him about the branding behind audio; whether its a unique station like 100.3 the Sound, or a podcast about Trader Joe's.

We also had a great discussion about how to achieve stationality in an age of PPM and how broadcast and podcast are sonically different.

Of note, Dave is going to be moderating panels at the Conclave in Minneapolis this week (July 18-20), and Podcast Movement next week (July 23-26). There are Bonus episodes being released in conjunction with this episode. In this episode, I made mention to Dave having written a wonderful tribute piece about Nick Michaels which you can find here.


Dave also made mention of Mark Ramsey's podcast series; the latest one is called Inside Jaws and features the awesome production of Jeff Schmidt. Dare you to listen to this oceanside.

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