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Jonny Staub Through the Out Door

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Jonny Staub got his big break when James Stewart offered him a job at Calgary top rated Power 107 shortly after we all calmed down from the Y2K problem. Jonny had some an incredible start to his career with big ratings at an early age at big radio stations in big markets. Then came a personal reality check. Which was later followed be the stresses of coming out publicly, and coping with the competitive nature of his work, an the support he gets from work.

In this episode, you'll hear how Jonny handles the pressures associated with putting together a morning show with his co-hosts Holly and Nira at Virgin Radio 94.5 in one of North America's biggest markets.


The timing of the release of this episode coincides with Vancouver's Pride Parade which took place over the weekend. There were a number of broadcast notables present as well as the Prime Minister. Jonny spoke about the difficulties in coming out and how the act of "coming out" is done repeatedly.

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