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Larry Gifford: When Life Gives You Parkinsons

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Larry Gifford has Parkinson's. On his Radio Stuff Podcast last April, Larry announced that he had Parkison's Disease. If you get the chance, please give that episode a listen. Larry is known to many through his time at ESPN in Bristol, 710 ESPN in LA, KIRO in Seattle, or from his most recent home at CKNW in Vancouver. We spent our time talking about Corus' foray into the podcast space and how radio and podcast are beginning to intersect.

He also gave us an inside look into how the show is put together and what equipment is used.

Niki Reitmayer, who is also the host of This Is Why, will be joining Larry on the show.


Also - I mentioned above that there is a companion episode to this on Larry's Radio Stuff podcast. Please listen to this episode either before or after you dig into this one.

The new podcast is called "When Life Gives You Parkinsons" and it is on CuriousCast, the new Corus Podcast Network. Subscribe to the podcast for free wherever you get your shows follow the social media accounts:


This week's show is powered by NLogic. David Phillips joined me on the Sound Off Show this week and talked about radio's future and its relationship with buyers and sellers.Please subscribe to the YouTube Channel. We will have regular guests on the show.

I have to admit that I rather enjoy doing the YouTube thing a little more than I thought. There isn't as much editing and I can produce the show on the fly and we can get timely interviews about more current stuff that podcast doesn't allow you to do. That's my way of saying, I am in it for the long haul so Subscribe when you visit the page.



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