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The Buzz on Dave Reynolds

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Dave Reynolds is someone I have crossed paths with twice. In the early 90's I met him when I was doing overnights at CHOM. The AM station down the hall was 990 Oldies. We were working for CHUM Ltd. at the time. Fast forward ten years and we found ourselves together at CHOM in Montreal, now owned by Standard Radio. We last saw one another around 2005 and through the wonders of Facebook, never bothered to call one another because - well are Facebook friends so that should be good enough, right?

We spoke about his journey through the major markets, and the joy he found in Saint John, Campbell River and now Wingham. Radio is different in those markets when it comes to handling social media, and Dave has learned a lot and shared a lot.


Radio is about community. Buzz is giving back this holiday season with the CKNX Food Truck. He will be living inside the truck until it is full. We made mention about how these types of public awareness campaigns are rarely done anymore in an era where there is a lack of willingness or support or both. Good luck on this year's event!


This episode is brought to you by nLogic

Earlier this year I did the Sound Off Show with David Phillips from nLogic and we talked about the future of radio, buyers and sellers.


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