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Talent Coach Steve Reynolds

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Steve Reynolds is a talent coach and works with some of the biggest radio talents in North America. He will help you establish what your show all about and get the show's characters connecting. And it is all done with the long term in mind. This is a show that is 18 months in the making as I missed Steve's session at the Conclave in 2017 because mine was scheduled adjacently, but I managed to connect with him last year and write furious notes. Here was the big takeaway from Steve regarding morning shows; he spoke about the acronym FAIR.

Morning shows are Fun, Authentic, Innovative, Relatable. I'll note that James Berry was taking better notes than me he posted this on his blog regarding Steve's talk: You can read the full post here.

  • Fun - Every successful morning show has fun characters, callers, features, and funny situations they get into. With all the negativity in the world, people are drawn to fun.

  • Authentic - The audience's "BS Meter" is high. They're looking for real people to discuss real things in a real way. The old school, over the top fake voice and canned features are not genuine and do not register with an audience.

  • Innovative - Every talent needs to try new things, create new content, and reach people with a bit of innovation.

  • Relatable - Really know your core audience and the kind of things they care about. These things interest them. For example, if your target is a female in her 30s relatable topics may include family, food, fun, pop culture, health, beauty, etc.

(courtesy James Berry, Townsquare Media)

If you are interested in working with Steve, shoot him an email here, or check out the company website.


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