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Saluting JJ's 365 Initiative

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

JJ "Jim" Johnston did something rather extraordinary last year. He committed to writing a blog everyday saluting someone in the radio or music industry. In an era where the social media stratosphere is predominantly negative, JJ embarked January 1, 2018 with Bruce Barker, wound his way through Victoria Day weekend with a tribute to yours truly, and then concluded on December 31 with David Marsden. (I've reposted the salute JJ made to me at the bottom of this post. JJ did 365 of these!)

These posts were shared across all social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. When you think about it, these posts can live on next year too when shared and re-shared by everyone going forward.



JJ continues to work building his company JJ-IMS, which has now reached its way into radio in Australia, and extended beyond radio into management groups and talent in other media.

This episode should have you considering your blog strategy for 2019. I marvel at people like Fred Jacobs who commit to writing 5 days a week; people like Engle Jones who 1001 12 minute conversations, and JJ who wrote everyday for a year. It's amazing what happens when you commit and stick to it.


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