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Drex: Nothing To Lose

Updated: May 3, 2019

Drex became Canadian famous just before Christmas in 2012 when he asked then Premier Christy Clark. on behalf of a listener, if she was more MILF or Cougar. And with that started radio's era of internet outrage. That was not the first time Drex had been fired. He has a cool back story from his days on air in Australia, and hopscotched the British Columbia coast and interior before making his way to CFOX and then CKNW and the Corus Radio Network.

One of things I love about Drex is his versatility from Rock to Talk to whatever format. He identifies it as radio and connection. He also takes chances, and admits when he is wrong. You can connect with his show's podcast if staying up late is not your thing.

By the way, there is a good story about how Drex got fired from a job in Australia. His old boss heard the episode and weighed in.


For many who first connected with radio in the late hours or early mornings, the return of shows like The Shift with Drex in Canada and the continuation of Ryan Wrecker's Overnight America at KMOX is refreshing and needed in an industry that wound up ceding those late night hours to on demand listening. Inversely, both these shows have strong podcast numbers as it is fresh content that can be consumed first thing in the morning. Not surprisingly, the two of them got together recently to talk politics on air.



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