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Dean Blundell Version 2.0

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Dean Blundell was the host of the morning show on 102.1 the Edge in Toronto starting in 2001. As the internet age progressed, and social media took hold, the very things that elevated the Dean Blundell show to great heights became a part of its downfall. Add in some self-admitted flaws and it all came to an end in 2014. In the ensuing years, Dean worked mornings at 590 The Fan, but didn't appear to love the work. The last year and change has seen Dean take a look inward and clean up the mess from within and embrace change.

This Dean 2.0, and he is very excited for what lies ahead. Check out Dean's website, Dean's podcast, and Daren Millard's Podcast called the Chirp. If you are a content creator - his company is doing things including looking for collaborations.

(Special mention to our producer Evan Surminski who made this show suggestion about a year ago.... yes I work that slowly)


During the show, Dean talked about a few of the other writers contributing to the website. You can check out their contributions here:


Finally, at the beginning, middle and end of the show, Dean made reference to the sofa in the studio. Although we were recording in different cities, I made the mistake of turning my webcam on. As promised, a look at the unfortunate sofa that is now schedule to be burned.

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