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Callie and Jeff: All Upside

The copy just screams off the page: She was a blogger and social media maven. He, a former morning radio host. Together they struck out on their own and created The Upside. Callie and Jeff Dauler started their podcast when Jeff's radio career abruptly changed in 2019 from Star 94.1 in Atlanta. Their success could be considering "overnight" by podcast standards.

In this episode, you'll hear how Callie and Jeff met, and how they transitioned both their skill sets into creating a show that supports their family. You'll hear how they monetize not just the show, but their social media handles, and how they engage with listeners beyond the RSS Feed. We also discuss how they have used conventional and unconventional podcast strategies to support their brand. They will also tell you how you are doing your merch incorrectly. (Secrets get shared)

Do you want to know what I really love? How well they have covered off the details. A nice website. A phone number where I can all and participate in the show. (Try it... 1-800-434-5454) Nice Merchandise. And within the show, care and consideration for the listener when it comes to production.


And then there was the story of the Nyquil in the champagne glass. While this long pre-dates the podcast, it is a testament to the couple's social media prowess. Callie had been battling a very bad cold and one night Jeff delivered her medicine in a champagne glass. The people at Nyquil loved it enough to reach out for some additional partnerships.

Last July, that and a number of other strategies were shared at Podcast Business Journal's "How To Make Money At Podcasting" conference.

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