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Ryan Jespersen: Real Talk about Real Talk

Ryan Jespersen is one of the great broadcast to podcast success stories. After being relieved from the coveted 9 to noon position at the venerable 630 CHED in Edmonton last year, Ryan hatched a plan to move his audience from terrestrial to digital, and at the same time fill a need for real talk in the digital space.

In this episode, you will hear how Ryan got into radio i(and later TV) n Red Deer, Alberta, moved north to Edmonton where he hosted Breakfast television and eventually on to Corus owned 630 CHED. We spoke about Alberta politics and how it compared to when I was there in 1990's when Ralph Klein's Conservatives held a 40+ year stranglehold on the province - and how it devolved. We also talked about how he monetizes the show, how he moved people to digital, and what the goals of the show are in the future.


We also spoke about my friend Christian Zyp who was a guest on the Sound Off Podcast a few months ago. Zyp appeared on Ryan's show and you can see appearance here.



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