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Chris Byrne: No Longer Unknown

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Chris Byrne is the afternoon drive host at Pure Country 89 in Windsor. He believes a relative unknown in the radio business but we have memories and remember him changing the sign in Fort McMurray when its residents returned after 2016 fires caused a mass evacuation. Chris was let go in 2020 from his morning show position in 92.7 Rock in Sudbury, but has happily resurfaced at Pure Country.

In this episode, you'll hear about his big regret when he didn't take my advice in 2019, and he tells me why he has (and I should) embrace the country radio and the Bachelor Franchise. We also dig into what ails Rock Radio and how the last decade differs from the one before that. We also talk about some of the great radio promotions and stunts that have been by initiated by talent across the country.


Anyone know who this guy is? Chris changed the sign when residents were permitted to return to Fort McMurray.


Chris made mention of a few great marketing stunts over the last little while, including Lauren Hunter's renaming of the Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion. We had Lauren on our podcast a long time ago and love her work!


And then there was the time Chris took on Neil Young.

When Neil Young went off about the Oil Sands, Chris fought back by removing the singers music for a day, and then let the listeners decide if and when he should return at all.


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