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Christian Zyp: Moving Radio

Christian Zyp is a host on Edmonton's CJSR's Moving Radio. But you're not listening to this episode for that. The story of our friendship begins on the radio in 1995 with the release of Van Halen's Balance CD. Back then radio stations were given advance copies and a "World Album Premiere". The special we ran only featured 9/11 songs on the CD. Where we the other two. Two drunk guys started calling me and asking why we had left two of the songs off and I said, "If you have some beer in the fridge I'll bring the CD over and we'll listen to it."

What's a few brews between Van Halen fans?

From there on, Garth Thatchuk and Christian Zyp became lifelong friends.

Zyp started his radio career in 1998 as the host of the venerable Moving Radio on CJSR. But he is better known as a teacher, movie buff, music lover, soccer teammate, and overall great guy. The last time I saw him was in Edmonton in 2015. Life changed for him and his wife Trina 4 months later.

You just skip over listening to the podcast and head straight to the blog page to read about Zyp's incredible story of battling back from the brink of death from contracting meningitis. This episode is dedicated to my good friend who reminds me to be thankful everyday and a reminder of the many ways radio creates friendships and bonds across the airwaves and beyond. Zyp and Trina are also responsible for kicking my ass and telling me to get going with a podcast back in November 2015.

This episode does not have any discussion of breaks, bits, PPM numbers, digital anything, or workforce reductions. This is is the story community, friendship and gratitude.

If you do get the chance, take the time to call someone you met along your radio journey, and see how they are doing. They would love to hear from you.


Zyp appeared on Real Talk With Ryan Jespersen.


cundill thatchuk zyp
Zyp, with me and Garth Thatchuk at the legendary Black Dog Freehouse in Edmonton.
cundill edmonton zyp trina
Trina, with Matt and Zyp at the Matt's going away party in Edmonton.


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