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Dave Jackson: School Of Podcasting

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Dave Jackson is the Owner/Headmaster at the School of Podcasting and also a support specialist at Libsyn. He was there back in the early days of podcast and has helped thousands launch their podcasts with his talks, online tips and podcasts. Dave is a Hall of Famer and a regular contributor to Podcast Business Journal.

In this episode we discussed some of the many stages of podcasting's evolution including its early days, the advent of iTunes, Serial, radio's entry into the podcast space, the gradual rise of listenership and the recent announcement on the creation of the Podcast Academy and the feathers that were ruffled in the process. We also dug into monetization and the value of video to podcasters.


A few of the other things that came up during our conversation include Edison Research's Infinite Dial Study which will release its 2020 findings on March 19th at 1pm Eastern. This thing has become a bit of an event for the podcast and audio streaming communities. We are not sure if Tom Webster from Edison research is going to be in Tux again this year but the data release will be done in front of an invite-only audience in New York and streamed around the planet. If you want to watch, you can register here.

Below is the slide showing the podcast growth for people who listen to podcast WEEKLY. I'll be honest - the number of people who listen monthly or "have listened to a podcast" don't impress me. Weekly means they are committed. You know - like "Must See TV" and NFL Football. Weekly to me means mainstream. My thanks to Tom Webster and everyone for this slide from last year's study.


Finally, some links to some of the podcast's mentioned on the show:

Dave Jackson's School of Podcasting

Dave Jackson and Jim Collison Ask the Podcast Coach

The Podcast Rodeo Show. (Radio people should think of this is a public aircheck)

John Lee Dumas Entrepreneurs On Fire.

Finally, we mentioned that the Anchor Sucks podcast was pulled - but Dave outline's his reasons for not using Anchor.


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