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  • Matt Cundill

Evo Terra: Pivoting to The End

Evo Terra is ending his Podcast Pontifications show. The show has dissected all points of the podcast business and there have been moments of punditry, contemplations, skepticism, and at times political positioning. This show along with a selection of others have been my "go-to" shows to learn more about what is happening in podcasting.

In this episode you will find out what Evo is up to next. We also discuss the value of Podcast 2.0 . We also talk a lot about fiction podcasts, audiobooks and narration which should give you an idea of what Evo will be doing next. Speaking of Podcast 2.0 and Value-for-Value, we have pivoted ourselves and are entertaining your support with Boosts. We are so new to it we have no idea what we are doing or talking about but this marks the first episode where we are swimming in the Boostagram swimming pool. (We started by downloading and listening to podcasts using the Fountain App.

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Evo also gave us one last podcast pontification on Twitter and announced he might be doing Twitter a little bit less and is involving himself with Mastadon.


We mentioned above about some of the podcasts we listen to every week to stay sharp in podcasting. This includes the Following:

Plus I participate in one with 4 other Podcast Producers - The Podcast Super Friends gather monthly to discuss all things Podcast.



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