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James Cridland: A Trip To Podland

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

We loved having James Crildland on our show back in 2018 when we fussed about podcast discovery when there were a half million podcasts in the universe. There are now 2.5 million and we have so many more questions to ask.

In this episode, I get a little help from my Podcast SuperFriends Jag in Detroit and Catherine O’Brien who are heavy consumers of James’ Podnews and Podland, the latter now into its second year. we discuss Apple v. Spotify, what Indie podcasters are still missing out on, and how North America radio is faring overall. We also get into the weeds on some ad tech stuff that should fascinate you, even if terms like “dynamic ad insertion” and AI make your eyes glaze over.


You get a lot of junk email everyday, but this will not be one of them Subscribe to Podnews and get the latest on everything happening in the world of podcast. There's also a companion podcast available everywhere... I listen to it daily in a flash briefing via an Alexa Skill.

We also discussed the first year of Podland, which is co-hosted by James and Sam Sethi.


My thanks also to Jon Gay From Jag in Detroit Podcasts and Catherine O'Brien From Branch Out Programs for lending some questions to the episode. You can check out their episodes in this series below.

We think this is a very fine place to record a podcast. James needed to vacate his home studio because of the prospect of noise from renovations, so he ventured up to a high point for excellent cell coverage where we could get a nice feed through Squadcast. We use Squadcast to record most of our episodes, and if you want to sign up, use the promo code SOUNDOFF to get your first month free.

Transcript - Episode 280
Download PDF • 230KB

Would you like a transcript of the show? James was on the New Media Show at Podcast Movement and spoke about the importance of having a transcript. Our Network site has a copy of a transcript. It is powered by PodPage and they support the transcription space.

James provided a solution that is powered by Microsoft and yes we pay for that and above is how that solution turned out.

Going forward we will be working to make these available on both the network site and this site. There is indeed a fair amount of catch up to do.



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