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Gillian Foote: Going Back to Hali

Last April. Gillian Foote returned to her home province of Nova Scotia after spending the better part of two decades in Edmonton at 100.3 The Bear. Along with her co-hosts Paul Brown an Yukon Jack, they were authors of some pretty amazing radio over the course of 13 years. Gillian has now relocated to Q104 in Halifax where she is writing the next stanza with BJ Wilson and Bobby Mac.

In this episode, you will hear how Gillian was inspired by the late night airwaves featuring Andy Frost on Overnight on the Rock Radio Network, applied and got in to Kingstec (Now NSCC) where she was taught by Dave Bannerman., and how the Paul Brown show evolved and de-volved over the years. We also got into some of the challenges of radio life, raising a family and the decision to move home.


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